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Copy files Faster ! Another great app for you, free for non-comercial use only !


Hello dear visitor. You need to to copy some files to a backup hdd ? you want to copy files to usb memory stick ? copy much faster to memory card or ssd card, or copy all data from your old hdd to a new hdd very fast with teracopy copy boost software and you can download it from here for free to download and use.

What is need to know about this app called teracopy ? Install it, then restart your laptop or PC then , when you copy any files from your windows device, teracopy will automaticaly start and will boost your copy speed much faster.

Also we strongly recommend to clean your device from spyware to avoid copy freeze with this software (is also free)

Another recommendation is to clean your system from garbage and registry with this app (follow only step 1, but also step 2 is very good for performance)

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