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Guide with how to create a new mp3 cd blank or data cd / data dvd / video dvd


Hello dear visitor. You need an application/software/program to burn your desired files to a new cd or dvd blank with a free software ? Then we can help you, first download the burner from here then follow the guide from bellow if you dont know how to burn it.

First thing to do is to decide what you want to create right ? Now let`s say that you want to create an audio mp3 cd ok ?

Insert a blank cd / dvd in your device then start the burn software from deskop and now select : Write files / folders to disc

Now : How to add mp3 files (songs) to your cd / dvd

You want to make a cd for your car ? or for any audio / sound device ?

Select add file (figure 1 from image)

If you want to add a folder select add folders (figure 2 from image)

TIP. When you add files, and you want to add more than one file once, select ctrl+a and then press open to add all songs once. (in image, ctrl+a is already pressed)

Very important ! Next step is simple..just press BURN and desired cd / dvd will be created , but if you want to create a quality cd or dvd, then select device from right and then select speed at 16x for cd or 4x for dvd from bellow option!

Good Luck ! Say thank if this guide helped you !

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