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force dx9 mode

Assassin`s Creed III PC Version 1.01

Hello dear Assassin`s Creed III fan. Today i`ve decided to show you how to force the game to run in dx9 (directx 9) mode to gain several frames per second (fps) and the game will run smothly in Boston and in other locations as well.

Is need to remind you to clean your Notebook or PC of viruses, garbage and registry and to update your video card with latest video driver ? here you have all .

Tip: Make sure that game is updated to version 1.01

This is a guide with how to force video game Assassin`s Creed III to run in directx 9 to gain at least 5 fps in boston and in entire game

Here is results of this tweak in Boston :

No Tweak (dx11)

Min FPS  Max FPSAverage FPS

40           60            47

Tweak On (dx9)

Min FPS  Max FPS Average FPS

46           62            53

Now, all you need is to open file Assassins3.ini from Documents \ Assassin`s Creed III folder


Now open file with notepad (default is notepad, but can be what you want)

Now in very first row, is [Graphics_DX11] ?? set it to [Graphics_DX9] then press file then save and close document , start game and now should be a big amount of FPS increased

Final step is to save the file and close it.

Critical UPDATE ! This Method not working proper !

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