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28 November news ! Inrease performance by 5% in Assassin`s Creed III for Nvidia GTX660 and 20% for GTX680 here is download

27 November New Tweak ! Boost your AMD Radeon card with safe tweaks here

New ! Guide to force the game to run in DirectX 9 mode here

Turn V-sync off in video game Assassin`s Creed III guide

Boost framerate in video game Assassin`s Creed III here is guide

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ATI AMD Radeon drivers

4 March 2013 Update ! New "tweaked" driver version 13.2 Beta7 is ready here

Best drivers for Assassin`s Creed III for AMD owners here

Nvidia GeForce drivers

March Update ! New driver for March 2013 ! 314.14 beta ! download it from here

March Update ! New driver for March 2013 ! 314.07 whql ! download it from here

Best drivers for Assassin`s Creed III for GeForce owners here

You know other ways to improve fps rate in video game Assassin`s Creed III for PC ?

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New ! All in one Gaming Tweaks added ! download it from here or here