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Boost up your notebook / laptop or PC with a paid app Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager

Hello dear visitor.

Normaly, we don`t make guides for paid apps for we decided to make an exception for this app because is so very good tool and worth to try it.


Why ? because we tried already a lot of apps with one click optimizer and all fail to speed up my pc after 6 month of intense daily use, but with this app, our laptop now works like a charm after we make 2 operations only in max 5 min !!

You can download app from here (free trial or buy it) and is called yamicsoft windows 7 manager or windows 8 manager

Now, how to speed up you device ? select Cleaner then Junk File Cleaner

Now second step is to clean registry so select Registry Cleaner

Done ! now restart your device and see the big difference indeed.

If you are gamer. we recommend those apps are best alternative to windows 7 manager

New ! All in one Gaming Tweaks added ! download it from here or here

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