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Hello dear visitor. You have a notebook / laptop or PC, and you have issue with speed or stability ? Then we recommend to follow this guide to speed up your device for free.


How to start ? your first thought would be to buy some RAM (DDR DDR2 or DDR3) is true ? Well i`m not say that is not true, but first you need to speed up your operating system, and if the problem with speed or stability is not solved, then make a upgrade.

First to do : Scan your system with an good antivirus ! You don`t have antivirus ? Or you `re not sure if it`s good enough ? we recommend this one.

Second operation : Scan your system with a antispyware / anti-malware / anti-trojan that is also included in antivirus from above.

Third step : Scan, delete garbage, repair, optimize registry with a single app from here

Next step : Uninstall apps or toolbars that you do not need with this app

Very important ! Next step : follow this guide

OK, so you`ve done everything from this guide ? you followed steps corectly ?

Now, restart your Notebook/Laptop or PC and see the real difference !

This guide helped you with speed ? If yes, give us a like !!

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