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Gain fps for Notebook HP Pavilion G6-2006SQ

How to Increase FPS in Medal of Honor Warfighter for Notebook HP Pavilion G6-2006SQ ?


It`s quite simple because AMD Catalyst take care of that with new released driver version 12.11 and is fully compatible with windows 7 and windows 8 and you can download what version you want from here totaly free to download for HP Pavilion G6-2006SQ

Posible improvements for Laptop HP Pavilion G6-2006SQ

Alien vs Predator increase Frame Rate with - 11%

Battlefield 3 increase Frame Rate with - 25%

Crysis 2: Up to 45%

DiRT Showdown increase Frame Rate with - 62%

ETQW increase Frame Rate with - 8%

Hard Reset increase Frame Rate with - 8%

Just Cause 2 increase Frame Rate with - 90%

The Chronicles of Riddick increase Frame Rate with - 4%

Shogun 2 increase Frame Rate with - 56%

Sniper Elite V2 increase Frame Rate with - 60%

Tom Clancy’s HAWX increase Frame Rate with - 56%

Unigine Heaven increase Frame Rate with - 33%

Wolfenstein increase Frame Rate with - 9%

more performance in Battlefield 3 - 10%-15% 

Up to 7% more performance in Metro 2033

Up to 10% more performance in DIRT Showdown

Up to 8% more performance in Sleeping Dogs

Up to 12% more performance in Civilization V

Up to 10% more performance in StarCraft II

HP Pavilion G6-2006SQ

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