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PAYDAY 2 - How to solve lag - Learn to reduce lagging

Hello and welcome my friend. You want to play the new released video game for PC Windows called PAYDAY 2, but you have lag and the game running quite slow ?

Well, then we have some ideas for you ! PAYDAY 2 2013

First. Download and install latest video graphics driver for your video card !

Chose your video card : ATI AMD Radeon - Nvidia GeForce or Intel HD Graphics

You are not sure what video card do you have ? use this software

Now ! Let`s say that you have best and latest updated video graphics driver for your video card cleaned and installed and you still have lagging in your gameplay ?

THen you have to optimize your hard disk and maybe this is the problem for PAYDAY 2 !

  Speed Up and Optimize HDD for PAYDAY 2 

If you have lag in PAYDAY 2, even with Hard Disk optimized and latest video driver installed, then is time to buy a new video card or to optimize this one like this :

Use this software to clean your windows first !


  Game Booster with Guide included 

PAYDAY 2 - So, in short description : 

1. Uninstall your old video driver and clean it then install latest video driver

2. Boost your HDD

3, Clean your Windows

4. Use Free Game Booster

All guides and downloads are free for video game PAYDAY 2 !

PAYDAY 2 - Tweaks, tips and guides !

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Enjoy !