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HP 630 Core i3 2310M

Hello dear visitor. You have this laptop model : HP 630 Core i3 2310M ? This notebook have a integrated video gpu Intel HD 3000 Graphics ? You want to play games like Assassin`s Creed III with HD 3000 ? Then follow our guide.


First, you need to install all needed prerequisites from here

Second. clean you operating system and registry with this app

Now last step but is most important is to optimize your video card with latest optimized driver, you can download it from here (is free, legit and safe)

Now after the new graphics driver is installed, open it from right click on desktop and select Graphics Options (guide for HP 630 Core i3 2310M)

Scroll down to 3D options and move the slider from above to the left side to performance mode and apply.

FINAL step is to set your power balance to High Performance (here is guide)

Now your laptop HP 630 Core i3 2310M should run much better in games !

HP 630 Core i3 2310M

Note! All right ! Now you need a game optimizer tweaker ? see it and download it

Useful words to find this article to speed up your HP 630 Core i3 2310M Notebook : get more stability, improve fps, improved gameplay, more fluidity, no flickering

HP 630 Core i3 2310M

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