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Hello dear visitor. This guide is very easy to follow so please be patient and follow all steps to avoid errors and to gain best results. First thing to do is to download newest latest driver available in BETA format or Whql version, from here and then you need to uninstall your old driver. Look at image.

Just write in search box "nv" nv is from "nvidia" to find driver fast

If you install a BETA driver , the DO NOT follow this step to uninstall physx

Now after uninstall process is finish, a restart is required !

Now you need to clean traces from old driver by selecting Nvidia - Display and Nvidia - Physx with a driver cleaner. Download it from here or from here .

Now after all traces are cleaned, a message with restart will apear but DO NOT press OK imediately , leave it about 20 seconds then press OK to restart

Now , just install latest driver and your nvidia geforce graphics card will run much better and you gain some fps in new games, because nvidia optimize their drivers every time when a new game is available so check often.

We build an app with all tools you need, called Driversnest Nvidia Driver Cleaner to clean old video graphics driver traces to avoid errors and gain stability.

Download it from here (tusfiles) or from here (google)

Enjoy !

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