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Lenovo IdeaPad G770A : For all drivers listed above, we have downloads but first thing to ask is : you are sure that your notebook is : Lenovo IdeaPad G770A ?if not, then we recommend to install this detection tool and if yes then you can download desired driver from here , is totaly free to download and install.

Model : Lenovo IdeaPad G770A with processor : Core i5 2450M 2.5GHz ; 8GB DDR3 ; 500GB HDD ; Dedicated video card Radeon HD 6370M 2GB Vram

Manufacturer / Producer Code: 59-324942

Guides for notebook Lenovo IdeaPad G770A :

For Lenovo IdeaPad G770A Only : If you have common problems with sound / audio , like not detected or no sound , then install new sound driver from downloaded software

For Lenovo IdeaPad G770A Only : If you have problems with video card like , in games is too slow or flichering in games, then please download video graphics vga display adapter driver

For Lenovo IdeaPad G770A only : Like in mentioned problems from above you can do for : wireless internet connection or for webcam not detected or webcam camera not present in your system and more.

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