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Asus : Eee Slate B121 Download drivers for : chipset driver, video VGA display graphics driver, wireless wlan driver, touchpad driver, motherboard chip driver, bios update


Hello dear visitor. You have this Tablet PC Eee Slate B121 ? And you want to download some drivers or all drivers to gain some speed and stability and also to fix several bugs or issue ? Then you can do that from here , is totaly free to download and install for Tablet PC Model : Asus Eee Slate B121 !

How to install ? You have some choices : First one is to download driver direct from your tablet and then extract driver arhive (use a free archiver if you want from here) to any desired folder and then look for setup.exe

Or download from a PC or Notebook to usb stick or memory card , external hdd , cd/dvd then extract driver and install it.

Optional ! If you want to install new video graphics driver then we suggest to clean old driver first then to install new driver with this tool.

Drivers are compatible with Windows 7 32 bits and Windows 7 64 bits and soon for Windows 8 32 or 64 bits.

For any questions, use comments or join our Forum from above tab.

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