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ThinkPad UltraNav Pointing Device driver Octomber 2012 version


How to install this driver ? Is very simple, just download it then extract package and install it then please restart your system, If you want to download this latest updated version of ultranav, you can download it from here from Lenovo Thinkpad downloads.

List with supported devices for this ultranav new driver

Thinkpad - Edge 11, Edge 13, Edge 14, Edge 15, Edge E10, Edge E30, Edge E31, Edge E40, Edge E50, Edge E120, Edge E125, Edge E220s, Edge E320, Edge E325, Edge E420, Edge E420s, Edge E425, Edge E520, Edge E525, Edge S430, L410, L412, L420, L421, L510, L512, L520, R40, R50, R50p, R51, R52, R60, R61

Thinkpad - 7732, 7733, 7734, 7735, 7736, 7737, 7738, 7742, 7743, 7744, 7751, 7753, 7754, 7755, 8942, 8943, 8944, 8945, 8947, 8948, 8949, R61i

Thinkpad - 7732, 7742, 8943, R400, S430, SL410, SL510, T30 (*1), T40, T40p, T41, T41p, T42, T42p, T43, T43p (*1), T60, T60p, T61, T61p, T400, T400s, T410, T410i, T410s, T410si, T420, T420i, T420s, T420si, T430, T430i, T430s, T430si, Z60m, Z60t, Z61m, Z61p, Z61t, Mini 10, X100e, X120e, X121e, X130e, X201, X201i, X201s, X201 Tablet, X220, X220i, X220 Tablet, X220i Tablet, X230, X230i, X230 Tablet, X230i Tablet, T500, T510, T510i, T520, T520i, T530, T530i, W500, W510, W520, W530, W700, W700ds, W701, W701ds, X1, X1 Hybrid, X1 Carbon

List with supported operating systems :

For Thinkpad - Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit

For Thinkpad - Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit

For Thinkpad - Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit

For Thinkpad - Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

For Thinkpad - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Professional

For Thinkpad - Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 SP2, SP3

ThinkPad UltraNav Pointing Device driver

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