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Hello to all AMD Radeon HD owners of Video card or Notebooks.

You like the game Borderlands 2 but game lagging like hell ? Well know a method to avoid this lag with new CAP3 for 12.8 Amd Catalyst drivers.


How ? is simple just right click on your desktop then open Catalyst Control Center

Now, go to Gaming , then to 3D Application Settings and select Save

Now , browse to folder where you have borderlands 2 installed , then enter in folder Borderlands 2 / then Binaries / then Win32 / and select Bordelands2.exe

Now, be sure that following options are selected or de-selected

AMD Optimized / ON

Catalyst A.I (to performance)

Enable Surface format Optimization / ON

Vertical Sync / Performance (always OFF)

And Anti-Aliasing Mode to Performance

With these settings, and with Physx low from game menu , borderlands 2 will run better.

If you want to download CAP3 for 12.8 driver you can download it from here .

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New ideas ? New Tweaks ? you know a better way to improve FPS ? tell us then !

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