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Download tweak for video game The Amazing Spider-Man to improve your gameplay experience with some fps. This tool is 100% free to download and use.


Tweak The Amazing Spider-Man v 1.0. How to use this tool ? is quite simple because : if you have 32 bits operating system, then install Tweak TAS 32 bits and if you have 64 bits operating system then install Tweak TAS 64 bits. How to get this tool ? well you can download Tweak TAS from here or from here or here, is free to download, install and use.

What we win if use this Tweak TAS

My FPS on High quality with 1920x1080 without tool are : (tool off)

Minimum FPS | Maximum FPS | Average FPS

                                      13 FPS |           31 FPS |         22 FPS |

My FPS on High quality with 1920x1080 with tool are :

Minimum FPS | Maximum FPS | Average FPS (tool on)

                                      20 FPS |           36 FPS |         27 FPS |

Is not big deal but definately is something !

System Requirements :

First , you need to have installed JAVA on your device - download java >

Second, you need to install, directx , netframework or xna - download here >

Errors | Issue

You got errors ? join our dedicated forum here >

How to install

First, select Next to continue, then Browse where you have The Amazing Spider-Man installed and select it. example.

How to uninstall

You can normaly uninstall it from control panel , but we suggest this tool. (do not be afraid of our utility will not delete the whole game when you want to uninstall)

Special Note ! If you want to set new graphics detail or display resolution , you will get a error and you need to uninstall Tweak TAS and set your details then install Tweak TAS again. (for advanced users, instead uninstall just delete file d3d9.dll from game folder)

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