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Crysis 3 Video Game

Howdy gamers. New AMD "Tweak" for Crysis 3. You have a ATI AMD Radeon video card and you want to improve your gaming for latest pc video game Crysis 3 or you just need some fps improvement for all new games or old games ? then AMD, has released best driver for Crysis 3 , and this new driver can be downloaded from here (mega beta) or from here (my box cloud) and keep in mind that is a beta driver.


Crazy FPS Improvement with new 13.3 beta driver !!

This driver version 13.3 BETA have amazing performance improvement for Crysis 3 guys, so if you have an amd radeon graphics card, this driver is what you need because will dramaticaly improve 3d graphics performance for Crysis 3 or Tomb Raider so download it and install it now !!!

13.2 Beta 7 VS 13.3 BETA 1 = Results :

Crysis 3

Min FPS Max FPS Average FPS

12.3 Beta 7 : 32,         61,      58.167

13.3 Beta 1 : 52,        123,       79.200

So ?? Amazing graphics performance and FPS Improvement !

Very Important to Read !

Is very important to know how to install / uninstall your current driver to avoid errors and to gain promised performance so be carefull here :

Next ! uninstall your current driver with this tiny tool (or with standard windows uninstaller from add / remove programs via control panel)

Easy uninstaller

Next ! Follow this guide to learn how to remove old driver traces and settings

  Remove driver Guide 

Last ! Install new driver and enjoy new 8 march 2013 performance with driver version :

13.3 BETA for windows 7 , windows 8

Crysis 3

ATI AMD Radeon tweaks, new driver boost, gain some fps for crysis 3, how to make game to run better when is fire near, near waterfalls, when use alien guns, how to solve several problems, download 13.2 driver, best driver, better driver for Crysis 3, new released

Do NOT Forget ! This driver, version 13.3 BETA is BETA !

Crysis 3 - New Tweak for ATI AMD Radeon Video Cards - March 2013

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Crysis 3