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How to see entire name of files / software / apps / games or how to see hidden files in windows 7

Hello dear visitor.

You use windows 7 because is so great right ? but you know how to see hidden files ? Or you know how to rename a file extension ? (rename exe or rename jpg, rename pdf, rename doc, dox, odx, or an documents) you know ? If yes then you don`t need to read this article because you learn that at school (it school or regular) .

For those who need to learn these, just read and learn.


How to see hidden files ! Open folder, Go to Organize and select arrow then select "Folder and search options"

Picture 1

Now just select "view" then tick on "Show hidden files, folders or drives" then apply.

Picture 2

See from screenshot step 2 , step 2 and step 4

Now maybe you need to : rename from .sub to .srt | from .exe to any | from pdf to .doc | from .bak revert to exe or any extension or what you need !

Follow from above picture 1 "step 1 step 2" and from picture 2 "step 1, step 3 and step 4" and you done, and now all files will show you their extensions and you can rename what you need to rename.

You are gamer ? or you need to optimize your laptop or PC for free ?

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