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More brightness for HP 250 G1 Notebook


Heya ! You have this laptop HP 250 G1 ? and you want to make display brighter than before when the laptop running on battery or when is plugged ? Then the easy way to fix this is to download our tool from here or from here and just adjust the bars ! is very easy to do that with our tiny tool, but you can do that without any tool just following bellow guide.

This guide is specialy created for notebook HP 250 G1 but also works with any laptop model with windows 7 or windows 8.

How to make it brighter manualy :

Open Control Panel, then go to Power Options and then just move the slider to right !

That`s it. Done.

Recommended solution ? Use our tool to make your laptop brighter very easy !

Here is an example :

HP 250 G1

And here is example with our Drversnest Optimizer 1.3 tool

HP 250 G1

How to make HP 250 G1 laptop display brighter

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Page created for HP 250 G1 Model on : 2014-06-29 by Sorin Dnest.