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Set google or yahoo to automaticaly open in home page Free Guide


Hello dear visitor. You have problems with some search engine like, bearshare, ask toolbar or maybe daemon tools ? The you need to download two free apps to solve this issue 100% and also to clean your browser to run faster than before !

1. First step is to download best free uninstaller ever from here and uninstall all toolbars

(in image, there is no toolbars, is only example)

2. Now after you uninstall all toolbars, you need to clean you system with this app

Internet Explorer settings :

3. You want to clean internet explorer ? Press ALT+X and select "internet options"

Now in General Tab, select use default or type your desired search engine like " or or"

Screenshot Examplehere

And if the issue is not fixed, press again alt+x, select "Manage Add-ons" and remove some add-ons

Google Chrome Browser settings :

Press ALT+F or ALT+E and then select "Settings" and in settings page, select from 

"On Startup" -> "Open a specific page or set of pages"

Now select "Set pages" and type for example

Screenshot Example : here

Or remove some from Extensions, press alt+e, select "Settings" then select extensions

Mozilla Firefox Settings :

Press ALT+T and select "Options" now just select General tab from left and type your desired search engine or select "Restore to Default" and will be google.

Screenshot Example : here

Note ! In case that your issue is still present, select manage add-ons and remove some.

That`s it, now your internet will run much faster because is clean and safe.

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