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How to improve frame rate in video game Assassin`s Creed III

Hello dear gamer. You have a Laptop or PC and you just bought this amazing game Assassin`s Creed III, but you have problems with performance in towns like BOSTON ? Well maybe this guide will be helpfull for you.


All steps are important, don`t forget that.

First step is to check if you are CLEAN, i mean clean of viruses, spyware malware etc.

See here how

Second step is to have installed all prerequisites apps already installed

See here what you need

Third step is to clean your laptop or pc and registry as well

See here with what

Next step is to defragment your HDD (this step is optional)

See best free app for that

Now the final step is Extremely Important ! You need to install latest updated video graphics driver for your video card, but in proper way.

See here installation/uninstall guide ,  and here download drivers (look for latest)

November 23 - News ! How to turn off V-sync in Assassin`s Creed III guide here

That`s it , now your laptop / notebook or pc will run at maximum speed and power and if the game is still slow, then your video card is too old or at maximum capacity.

Note ! All apps from this guide are FREE to download and use for Assassin`s Creed III !

Of course, if you make all operations from this guide will avoid random errors like :

d3dx9_43.dll is missing, d3dx9_43.dll assassin`s creed 3, direct3d error, stop working, errors,  game crash, huge lag in city, too much lag in Assassin`s Creed III, dont send error, not installed corectly, is missing, avoid game crash for free, assassinscreed3.exe

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